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PasturePro Line Post with grazing bull and coated wire

Line Posts

PasturePro line posts are a permanent line post solution for high-tensile electric fence. Call 1-800-563-6771 to speak with a fence specialist.

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Self-insulating. Without the Splinters.

Eliminate the need for insulators and reduce the chances of shorts over the life of your fence. All without the hassle of dealing with fiberglass. Gloves are not required for handling or installation.

PasturePro Posts

Tough. Flexible. Guaranteed.

PasturePro line posts flex with animal pressure yet stand up to the elements. Composite material does not rot and comes backed with a 20-year limited warranty.

Ice on PasturePro Posts

The Right Size for the Job.

PasturePro line posts are available in several different sizes.

Post Diameter Length Price
PP1.125x4 1.125" 4'
PP1.125x4.5 1.125" 4.5'
PP1.25x5 1.25" 5'
PP1.25x5.5 1.25" 5.5'
PP1.5x5 1.5" 5'
PP1.5x6 1.5" 6'
PP1.625x6 1.625" 6'

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Flat-rate shipping charges apply. Give us a call at 1-800-563-6771 to place an order.

Multiple Color Options.

PasturePro Posts come in a standard color of white. Select sizes are also available in black, cedar, and hickory colors. See the PasturePro Color Guide for more information on selecting post colors.

PasturePro Post

Solid Profile. Easy Installation.

Solid profile can be driven with a standard post driver. Drill with a cordless drill in the field. Bundled in packs of 25 for easy carrying. Download the installation guide or see the installation page for more detailed information.

PasturePro Post

Watch The Bale Test.

The Bale Test shows how PasturePro line posts flex under pressure and then return to their original position.


Wait, these aren't made of fiberglass?

Nope. PasturePro line posts are made with a patented process that uses polypropylene and wood, along with a small percentage of process additives such as pigments and UV inhibitors.

Our products do not contain any PVC or fiberglass and we take great care in avoiding the use of hazardous materials during our manufacturing process.

How do they compare in pricing?

You can find our MSRP prices in the table above. In general, PasturePro posts are competitive with t-posts and fiberglass rods.

When doing a cost comparison, it's important to factor in the cost of attachment for the posts. The metal cotter pin used to attach the wire to a PasturePro post costs just $0.08 each, while plastic insulators can cost up to $0.30 each. These savings add up quickly when doing multi-wire fences.

I'm ready to try some, where do I get them?

You can purchase through your local PasturePro dealer, or you can give us a call at 1-800-563-6771.

Why are PasturePro posts a better solution over t-posts?

A t-post is really just a ground rod in disguise when used in an electric fence system. It takes just one cracked or broken insulator on a t-post to create a large enough short to compromise your entire fence (and sometimes add hours of short-hunting to your day).

PasturePro line posts are self-insulated, which means that you don't have to rely on a little plastic insulator to keep your fence hot. Instead, the entire PasturePro post is insulated which allows a stronger, more-reliable metal cotter pin to be used.

Where are the posts manufactured?

PasturePro line posts are made at our plant in Nevada, Missouri. Nevada is located about 90 miles south of Kansas City and has experienced first-hand the impact of manufacturers moving their facilities overseas. We are proud to resist this trend by offering a high-quality, cost-competitive product that is made in the USA.

How do you drive them?

PasturePro line posts are driven with a manual post driver just like those used for steel t-posts. Unlike fiberglass posts, which require special caps to drive, nothing extra is needed when driving PasturePro posts.

PasturePro posts do have more spring or bounce than t-posts when driving them in extremely compacted or rocky soils. We recommend using a pilot driver under these conditions.

Ordering Information

Give us a call at 1-800-563-6771 to place an order by phone. Monday through Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM.