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Fence Droppers

PasturePro fence droppers maintain wire spacing for suspension fences, which are popular for areas with rocky or compacted soils.

A Permanent Fence for Tough Conditions.

PasturePro fence droppers are installed between boss posts in rocky or compacted soils. Since the droppers are resting on top of the ground, only the corner and boss posts are driven into the ground, reducing installation time.

PasturePro Posts

Self-insulating. Fast Attachment.

PasturePro fence droppers are made of self-insulating material making insulators unnecessary. Simple galvanized dropper clips are attached over the wire by hand. No drilling required.

PasturePro Posts

Multiple Lengths. Multiple Colors.

Use the right-sized dropper for your next project. To select the right length, estimate the projected height of the top wire of the fence and add 2-4".

Code Diameter Length MSRP
PP1x3 1" 38" Solid profile. Above
ground use only.
PP1x4 1" 50"
PP1x5 1" 62"

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