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Happy Lines in Cattle

Attending a dairy grazing conference last year in Virginia I was listening to a veterinarian for one of the organic grazing coops speak about healthy cows when he pointed out a cow with “happy lines” on her.  While the cow wasn’t smiling … Continue reading

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The Last Piece to the Electric Fencing Puzzle: Why I Became a Partner at GFC

One wire black post

Recently we were adding a new cross fence; building a one wire permanent fence using hedge corner posts and PasturePro line posts and 12.5 gauge high tensile wire. It was a short section [660ft] and took us less than two … Continue reading

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“Over-Engineered” and “Under-Powered” Electric Fences

Over the years, I have had opportunity to work with and visit with many New Zealanders here in the US. I don’t think that it is any secret that many of them have grown up with hi-tensile electric fencing and … Continue reading

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How many Acres per Cow?

I received a text message from a friend the other day (from a far away land), asking what we figured, in Missouri, as an acceptable ratio of acres of pasture – required per cow (first off we dont figger in … Continue reading

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Feeding the Birds

bird feeder

It amuses me at the unlikely places that I draw subject material and topics for blogs from.   I do most of my writing from my home office or the “man cave” as I call it. My wife was quite happy … Continue reading

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High Tensile Fence Demonstrations & Field Days

This past Saturday – Steve, Glenn and I, traveled to Crowder College, near Neosho Missouri for a field day hosted by the Newton County Cattlemen’s Association. It felt really good for this ol’ boy to get out in the air … Continue reading

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The Underground Life of a Fence Post

All of the workings that go on underground have been an intriguing subject since the first caveman dug his first hole. It’s a science in itself. As children we dug in the dirt. As adults we got bigger toys and … Continue reading

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Genetics and Feed Conversion

The small female weighed 835 lbs and was extremely fat. The large male weighed 1900 lbs and was very A similar comparison can be drawn between these two black cattle that went to slaughter the same day at IBP in Iowalean. They perhaps represent the genetic variation that exists across our cattle today.

I’ve watched, observed and analyzed cattle confirmation, genetics and growth rates most of my life. There seems to always be certain individuals within any species or group that excel in converting the intake of food & fiber into body mass … Continue reading

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Humor on the Farm

One of the fun parts of what I do is meeting people – hearing stories and telling stories. At trade shows and conferences, in particular, we get the opportunity to talk to a lot of people in a day’s time. … Continue reading

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The Winter Landscape

Here it is the first week of January, and the beginning of another New Year. When I looked out the window on Christmas Eve morning the color of the landscape was white. A week later, we had heavy rain, thunderstorms, … Continue reading

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