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One Wire Electric Fences

Often, up pops the question of how we keep baby calves within a one wire interior fence. My answer is, “we don’t”.  Now, to explain that answer in a little more detail, let me describe how we manage our cow … Continue reading

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Biological control of Musk Thistles

After years of digging, mowing and occasionally using spray I wrote of our learning to  manage for and allowing musk thistle weevils to keep our thistles under control. Well after last years record setting drought the weevils have quite a … Continue reading

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Culling Cows

2-year old heifer adapted to our environment

In an earlier blog I described how Judy and I have used the guidelines from the book- The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Breeding- to make decisions for developing our herd of mama cows.  Essentially it makes the case for having a … Continue reading

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Weaning Calves on Pasture

Fence-line weaning calves has become much more common in the last few years. We’ve been weaning calves this way since 1987. We didn’t discover this method by study and research, but by cows and calves busting loose the first night … Continue reading

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Managing mob grazing during the wet season

We are experiencing, along with most of the country, one of the driest, hottest spring through early summer periods I can remember. Conferences, articles and talk among farmers revolve around who is the driest and how to manage through a … Continue reading

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Building Paddocks for MiG

Flexible Grazing

We’ve recently had enquiries asking how to lay out water and fence for a new grazing system. A good book for helping to build a system is Management- intensive Grazing by Jim Gerrish. Well written and concise it not only gives ideas … Continue reading

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Grazing Alfalfa

grazing alfalfa

I recently attended a conference for dairy graziers and was somewhat surprised when one of the speakers spent a considerable amount of time explaining all they ways necessary to avoid bloat in cattle when grazing alfalfa.

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Building a cow herd with Beefmaster and South Poll genetics

South Poll/Beefmaster Cross Heifers

Years ago I found a book entitled The Lasater Philosophy of Cattle Breeding by Laurence Lasater. It was a real eye opener for us, and the guidelines from this book have been the backbone of our breeding program for cattle … Continue reading

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How many Acres per Cow?

I received a text message from a friend the other day (from a far away land), asking what we figured, in Missouri, as an acceptable ratio of acres of pasture – required per cow (first off we dont figger in … Continue reading

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Feeding the Birds

bird feeder

It amuses me at the unlikely places that I draw subject material and topics for blogs from.   I do most of my writing from my home office or the “man cave” as I call it. My wife was quite happy … Continue reading

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