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One Wire Electric Fences

Often, up pops the question of how we keep baby calves within a one wire interior fence. My answer is, “we don’t”.  Now, to explain that answer in a little more detail, let me describe how we manage our cow … Continue reading

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Electrified Gate Ideas

It’s always interesting to see the different methods farmers come up with building electric fence gates. The choice for materials and design is large and of course it matters what kind of livestock is being contained in determining number of … Continue reading

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Building Electric Fence Gates

Rope Gate

Over the years we’ve tried numerous styles and materials in making our electric fence gates. Spring gates, bungy gates, high tensile wire and cord, but it seemed we never could find the right combination. The least successful gates occurred the … Continue reading

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Wrap-around Corner Insulators

Driving 3″-4″ pipe for corner posts is quite popular in our area. It used to be our choice before we began using Hedge for our corner posts. Pipe can be driven even in rocky ground and will last at least … Continue reading

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The Last Piece to the Electric Fencing Puzzle: Why I Became a Partner at GFC

One wire black post

Recently we were adding a new cross fence; building a one wire permanent fence using hedge corner posts and PasturePro line posts and 12.5 gauge high tensile wire. It was a short section [660ft] and took us less than two … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Non-Conductive Insulated Electric Fence Posts

I think that resourcefulness is a great thing and that utilization of materials at hand is an admirable and sustainable proposition. But, many times we try to make-do with a material that is cheap and available with little thought regarding … Continue reading

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Building Paddocks for MiG

Flexible Grazing

We’ve recently had enquiries asking how to lay out water and fence for a new grazing system. A good book for helping to build a system is Management- intensive Grazing by Jim Gerrish. Well written and concise it not only gives ideas … Continue reading

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High Tensile Electric Fencing – Why use it?

Sometimes, in the course of offering insight and scope, we often lose sight of the most basic essential questions. Why do we use High Tensile Electric Fencing to begin with? What are the benefits of using it over the traditional … Continue reading

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Checking your wire tension on an electric fence

This is a good time of year to check your high tensile wire tension on your fences.  In late fall the air temperatures are normally at about the mid range point. There will be some expansion and contraction going on with your high … Continue reading

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Fencing for Rocky or Compacted Ground – Using a Dropper System

I grew up with the mindset that fences had to be fortresses. Rigid and taut as well as non-penetrable was the desired fence in the old days. Then along came high tensile wire and electric fences, and the idea that a fence … Continue reading

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