PasturePro Posts Approved for Organic Use

Last year PasturePro posts were approved by the Washington State Department of Agricultural for use in organic operations. WSDA is one of the few USDA certifiers in the country [OMRI being another]. You can view the certificate of registration here or see the WSDA published list of approved products. You will find us listed in approved products under the name Green Forest Composites LLC.








When I became a partner in this business in 2005, I knew little about the differences between various kinds of plastics. I would ask my business partner and founder, Steve Wheeler, why we couldn’t use cheaper plastics in our posts. Steve said polypropylene, which is the plastic we combine with compounded wood flour to make our posts, not only has excellent structural characteristics, it is also a very safe plastic for use in the manufacturing process and in its finished form.

From the very beginning, it has been a priority for our company to avoid using hazardous materials in both our products and in our manufacturing process. We take a lot of care to make sure that we don’t introduce anything into our plant that would be harmful to our employees, the surrounding soil or groundwater.


About Steve Freeman

Steve Freeman joined Forester Industries as a partner in 2005 after being one of the first customers to use the PasturePro post. He installed his first electric fence in the early 1980’s and implemented management intensive grazing in 1987. Presently, the operation is exclusively beef cattle, but in the past it has also included both goats and sheep. Steve is always happy to talk grazing practices, livestock raising and fence building.
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