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Calculating the Materials for a High Tensile Electric Fence

You can call it a material list, bid sheet, or whatever you want to call it. But when you build any fence you will need a guideline that tells you what materials you will need to begin the construction of … Continue reading

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Horses Don’t See Electric Fences – Fact or Myth?

Horse Fence with Black PasturePro Posts

I don’t recall exactly how many times I have heard that “Horses just don’t see electric fences” or “they run through them and get hurt.”  I wouldn’t necessarily say that it never happens; it does, it will and it can. … Continue reading

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Acres vs. Miles & Routing Power on an Electric Fence

There has always been and probably always will be discussions involving recommendations for the size of an energizer that one should use on your electric fence.  I don’t know that I have ever personally won any of these discussions, but … Continue reading

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Feeding the Birds

bird feeder

It amuses me at the unlikely places that I draw subject material and topics for blogs from.   I do most of my writing from my home office or the “man cave” as I call it. My wife was quite happy … Continue reading

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