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Checking your wire tension on an electric fence

This is a good time of year to check your high tensile wire tension on your fences.  In late fall the air temperatures are normally at about the mid range point. There will be some expansion and contraction going on with your high … Continue reading

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Selling Cattle with Video and Satellite

We use satellite auctions to sell our commercial cattle. They are filmed on the farm able to continue "grazing and gaining" until they are actually sold.

Our steers are about 800lbs. and ready to hit the road.   We winter our late spring born calves and let them graze right through spring and summer so they are ready for market in August and September.  We raise … Continue reading

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Fencing for Rocky or Compacted Ground – Using a Dropper System

I grew up with the mindset that fences had to be fortresses. Rigid and taut as well as non-penetrable was the desired fence in the old days. Then along came high tensile wire and electric fences, and the idea that a fence … Continue reading

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Electric Fence Configurations

We often get asked which posts should be used for different types of fence configurations. Below is our chart (with additional installation notes below) of general configuration guidelines and driving depths.

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A “Do-it-Yourself” Weekend Horse Fence

A very happy horse owner with a new fence!

I’m sure we all know people that will bend over backwards to help another person out. Then there are a few that wouldn’t go out of their way to help a friend in need if their life depended on it. … Continue reading

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Acres vs. Miles & Routing Power on an Electric Fence

There has always been and probably always will be discussions involving recommendations for the size of an energizer that one should use on your electric fence.  I don’t know that I have ever personally won any of these discussions, but … Continue reading

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Installing a Guide Wire for High Tensile Fencing

In the photo above, extra care was taken with the guide wire to make sure that the fence line was straight, even through the dips and ridges of this pasture. Even though this fence is very straight, the downward pressure on the posts from the dip can cause the posts to lean. Using a boss post at the crest of the hill as well as the bottom of the dip is recommended.

One of the key steps in successfully constructing a good looking farm fence (or any fence – for that matter) is installing a guide wire to use for putting in line posts. Without a guide wire (or one that is installed … Continue reading

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Setting Hedge Corner Posts

Zeb Gray sent us photos of some of his new fences, including an interesting one on how he braces and sets his H corner posts. Zeb is getting his master degree in Animal Science at Iowa State and builds fence … Continue reading

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Feeding Heifers Under an Electric Wire

Judy and I fed 225 replacement dairy heifers for Parker Vandivort, a friend and neighbor of ours, a few weeks ago and are quite intrigued with his method of feeding grain to the cattle. He is raising the heifers for … Continue reading

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Tensioning High Tensile Wire

Part of the beauty of Class III, 12.5 gauge high tensile (HT) smooth wire is its ability to stretch while maintaining a tension memory. By that I mean that it can stretch but will return to its initial tension after … Continue reading

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