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Minimizing hazards for horses behind electric fences

Our farm is primarily stocked with cattle, but my wife and daughter have long had the equine bug and we have a “retirement village” for two of my daughter’s old show horses. These retirees, aged 17 and 26, both have … Continue reading

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Electric Fence Configurations

We often get asked which posts should be used for different types of fence configurations. Below is our chart (with additional installation notes below) of general configuration guidelines and driving depths.

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A “Do-it-Yourself” Weekend Horse Fence

A very happy horse owner with a new fence!

I’m sure we all know people that will bend over backwards to help another person out. Then there are a few that wouldn’t go out of their way to help a friend in need if their life depended on it. … Continue reading

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Horses Don’t See Electric Fences – Fact or Myth?

Horse Fence with Black PasturePro Posts

I don’t recall exactly how many times I have heard that “Horses just don’t see electric fences” or “they run through them and get hurt.”  I wouldn’t necessarily say that it never happens; it does, it will and it can. … Continue reading

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