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Different Strokes for Different Folks

As one travels around the country, it is apparent that when it comes to agricultural fencing there are definitely different strokes for different folks. Generally, the types of fences that you see are born out of the availability of materials … Continue reading

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Tired Pastures

If there is one thing that I personally take pride in – it is the fact that I have evolved into somewhat of an observer. It hasn’t always been that way for me, personally. Chronic impatience and procrastination have also … Continue reading

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Let Us Know What You Think

For the most part, many of the folks that I know that are successfully using electric fencing, for agricultural livestock control, are in a class of their own. They are very opinionated and have learned and developed those opinions primarily … Continue reading

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Hunting For Dung Beetles

Last summer, I attended the first annual “Dung Beetle Day” in Linn, Missouri, hosted and arranged by Ralph Voss. I think I might have signed up just to see the looks on peoples faces when I told them of the … Continue reading

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Common Mistakes with Electric Fencing

I feel very strongly that high tensile electric fencing is the easiest and fastest to build, the most economical, the safest and the longest lasting of all livestock containment fences.

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A Trip Through The Flint Hills

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to visit one our distributors, Zeitlow Distribution, at their location in McPherson, Kansas. It gave me a chance to visit with our folks at the factory in Nevada, Missouri. I also have a … Continue reading

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