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I recently came across a blog describing the mob grazing of 600 cows in SW Missouri/SE Kansas. The author, Nathan Sanko, details the successes and challenges of mob grazing this many head in a way that is really useful to those of us learning or thinking about mob grazing. It’s rare to find a person who shares the unvarnished problems and challenges of mob grazing as willingly as he does.

If you’re interested in management-intensive grazing, or managed grazing as he suggests we call it, I highly recommend you give this site a look:


About Steve Freeman

Steve Freeman joined Forester Industries as a partner in 2005 after being one of the first customers to use the PasturePro post. He installed his first electric fence in the early 1980’s and implemented management intensive grazing in 1987. Presently, the operation is exclusively beef cattle, but in the past it has also included both goats and sheep. Steve is always happy to talk grazing practices, livestock raising and fence building.
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