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A Few More Things to Consider when Buying an Energizer

Warranty & Service. Let’s face it, these electric fence energizers are electronic – at some point in time you will likely need service or repair. Find out where your unit can be repaired under warranty and beyond. Warranty periods will … Continue reading

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How to Choose an Energizer for Your Electric Fence System

There are a lot of names that refer to the power supply unit for your electric fence system. I have seen or heard them referred to as: energizer, energiser, charger, fencer, shockers, zappers and many other names. These are all … Continue reading

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Back 2 Basics Beef

I recently came across a blog describing the mob grazing of 600 cows in SW Missouri/SE Kansas. The author, Nathan Sanko, details the successes and challenges of mob grazing this many head in a way that is really useful to … Continue reading

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