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Using a Pilot Driver

So what the heck is a pilot driver, you ask? Well, it is basically a tool that you can use to make a pilot hole, in which, to drive your line posts into the ground. As I mentioned above, if … Continue reading

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Stretching High Tensile Woven Wire

We’ve been using high tensile woven wire for our new perimeter fences over the last couple of years. The 7 strand, 36″ tall fixed knot woven wire (7/36/24) makes a very nice non-electrified perimeter.

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The Best Electric Fence You Can Build

In my travels I suppose I’ve seen literally hundreds of different ways to build a farm fence. Some of them have cost someone an arm and a leg and some have had economy in mind. Some will last a lifetime … Continue reading

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What is a “Composite” Fence Post?

For the past several years I have been involved in the introduction of a composite line post for electric fencing. And, to date I believe that there have been over a million of our posts put into the ground. But … Continue reading

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Lightning Strikes Hitting PasturePro Posts

We have had four reported lightning strikes on the PasturePro posts.  The physical change in the post is quite dramatic.  We’ve been asked, what happened?  So we’ll offer our thoughts.

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Tagging Newborn Calves

Spring calving is starting for many and tagging calves at birth has been the focus of a few stories by my neighbors this past week. Grabbing, or at least trying to grab, a newborn calf can make for some entertaining … Continue reading

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Grazing Highland Cattle

Yes, I will admit it. I am personally attracted to non conventional breeds of cattle. Or, maybe a better term would be “non-traditional”. I am writing this article at a time when I have just lost a grazing lease. This … Continue reading

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