Kencove Farm Fence Visit

It’s Thursday, March 25th and I’m laptop-ing this morning from Blairsville, Pennyslvania. Having been on the road since Sunday I am looking back westward this morning.

I want to meet up with an old customer tomorrow morning in Mt Vernon, Ohio. It’s overcast and calm this morning. The weather channel says there is rain moving this way. The flags in front of the hotel are hanging limp on a calm morning. After three days of sales training sessions I am ready for some green grass under my feet.

PasturePro has a new distributor here in Pennsylvania and my job was to work with the sales staff at Kencove Farm Fence. The task: give the sales personnel some orientation about the product, our manufacturing process and a reason to recommend and sell our posts.

This seemed pretty simple to me at first, then some challenges came to mind. How do you hold the attention of people who have been selling electric fence for many years. Is there a way to glamorize a fence post?

I was pleasantly surprised. We arranged to work with two or three people at a time and the entire sales team worked well together to cover for each other on the phones, and the phones were busy. Spring is a busy time for the fencing industry and this year seems to be no exception.

I was very satisfied with the interest all the sales people showed during the sessions. They were eager to learn about our product, how it was manufactured and how it would fit in with all their other products. They are sales professionals and product specialists. Each one showed up with smiles on their faces, notebooks and pen in hand. Many questions were asked and addressed and I learned a thing or two myself.

Can you glamorize an electric fence post? Well, not really, but our manufacturing process is definitely unique and on the cutting edge of new technology, so in a round-a-bout way you can make a fence post sound interesting…


About Gary Duncan

Gary has been active in the fence business for over 15 years. He also raises Highland cattle in a management intensive grazing system and was the first person to market the PasturePro post back in 2005. He enjoys discussing all things grazing and is the main contributor to the blog.
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