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The Mindset of Grass Farming Today

“The reluctance to break tradition” – I think that those five words pretty well sum up the mindset of many people when they first begin to open their minds to the concepts of true grass farming. To begin talking about … Continue reading

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Kencove Farm Fence Visit

It’s Thursday, March 25th and I’m laptop-ing this morning from Blairsville, Pennyslvania. Having been on the road since Sunday I am looking back westward this morning. I want to meet up with an old customer tomorrow morning in Mt Vernon, … Continue reading

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It’s Not Funny! Getting Shocked by Electric Fence

After years and years of being around electric fences, yes, I have received my fair share of unwanted shocks. And, the term “It’s not funny” has been heard and verbalized many times. Getting shocked really isn’t funny, but then again, … Continue reading

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Building High-Tensile Fence – A Simple How-To Guide

If you have built other types of fence (barbed or woven) then you will most likely enjoy the ease in which you can put up a high-tensile (HT) electric fence. Below are some of the basics to help you get … Continue reading

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A Spring Tune-Up for Electric Fencing

Oh yes, spring-time in agriculture, it’s a time of year that we look forward to. Especially after a long hard winter and I think that almost all of North America had some real winter this year. I know that, around … Continue reading

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My Experience with Ultra High Density Grazing


Until July of 2007, those of us farming in the Ozarks had suffered through a two and a half year drought. July brought buckets of rain, and the pastures produced a tremendous growth of grass but also a wide mix … Continue reading

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