In Good Company

I have to say that I am excited about what I see going on and coming up, here at PasturePro. I feel like I am in “Good Company”, and that’s a great feeling.

The guys over here on the right side of this page are all personal friends of mine and each one possesses unique gifts and expertise in many different fields. These include: sales, marketing, distribution, engineering, manufacturing, and real world field experience specifically in regards to grazing systems.

The production people in the manufacturing plant are of top notch quality and have a genuine dedication and passion in their work. Communication is very open in all areas.

We have a good mix of seasoned old veterans as well as sharp young, energetic high tech professionals to work with our graphics and web presence. I am impressed with the “team” that has been put together during the past year.

Our products have all been conceived, researched, developed and manufactured in the USA by American workers. In a day and age where research and development has been replaced by sourcing out and importing – I feel a great amount of pride in being a part of what is being done here at GFC and PasturePro.

Our patented process of oriented composites is still somewhat in the development stages, but the obvious applications for our products are endless. PasturePro electric fence posts are just the beginning. It’s exciting. The gears are in place and ready to roll…..


About Gary Duncan

Gary has been active in the fence business for over 15 years. He also raises Highland cattle in a management intensive grazing system and was the first person to market the PasturePro post back in 2005. He enjoys discussing all things grazing and is the main contributor to the blog.
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